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Laura Mapstead

Welcome to our Natural Healing Hope Community

Laura Mapstead

Welcome to our Natural Healing Hope Community

A safe place to find encouragement and support for your natural health journey.

About Me

Hi, I am Laura Mapstead, the founder of I started blogging about our natural health journey in 2016 as a way to share information, encouragement, and support for those who are trying to navigate their own natural path towards better health and wellbeing.  

Why You Should Join Me

As much as I love writing for my blog, sharing on social media and sending weekly emails to my subscribers, I feel like something is missing... and that is "community."  I want so much to connect with my readers and subscribers and build a community where we can help encourage each other on our journey.  I have participated in many different online groups and forums... some good and some bad and I haven't seen a platform I have been comfortable with building upon until I found Mighty Networks.  I really believe this platform is designed to foster an engaging community that will be both fulfilling and helpful as we navigate our own path toward health and wellness.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for being open to trying something new.  Thank you for trusting me to guide you, support you and encourage you on your health journey.  I don't claim to have all the answers.  We all have unique bodies with unique issues and needs.  We all need to tune in and listen to our own bodies to guide us.  I look at myself more as an encourager and a guide to help you find your own healing path.  I do 100% believe God made your body to heal and thrive so you can live your life abundantly.

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